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SA-Confederation of Icelandic Employers

SA-Confederation of Icelandic Employers is a service organization for Icelandic businesses. SA projects include negotiations of collective agreements with unions on wages and working conditions, the advocation of an internationally competitive legal and regulatory environment, and the interpretation and communication of decisions by governmental authorities that directly affect the business environment.


Dual SA membership
SA constitutes a comprehensive Confederation of Icelandic Employers that combines the forces of its eight member associations. A business becomes a member of SA by joining one of the eight associations and thus holds dual membership status.


Wide representation
SA and its member associatons include about 2,000 businesses. The organization accounts for about 50% of all salaried employees on the Icelandic labour market. This wide representation puts SA in a strong position as the voice of Icelandic business.


The work and organization of SA

This site contains the following information about the work and organization of SA:


General introduction of SA
What is the role of SA? What is SA working on? How is SA organized


Organization of SA
Short description of SA. Here are a few words on the annual meeting, chairmanship, the executive board, and the board of representatives.


Statutes of SA
The law or the statutes of SA is available in english (pdf).


Employees of SA
Some general information on the employees of SA and their functions.


Here are seven good reasons for SA membership.


Membership fees


Seven confederation members of SA
Seven confederation members of SA operate on the basis of the different industrial activities involved and each of them has the initiative in company matters within its own, separate industrial sphere. Here is some information on the seven member associations of SA, their contact info etc.


The European Office of SA
SA employs experts in international relations and operates an office in Brussels to follow  developments and promote the interests of Icelandic industries.

SA-Confederation of Icelandic Employers
Borgartúni 35
IS-105 Reykjavík
Phone: 591 0000
Fax: 591 0050


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